Saturday, February 5

More dog-walking adventures

It's nice to talk to strangers, just randomly and out of the blue. Like the stranger who saw me walking the dog and decided to talk to me for about thirty seconds about his two dogs. If I didn't have the dog as a conversation point, I doubt we would have stopped.

But yes, those thirty seconds were nice.

Tell everybody, everybody that you know that I don't love you no more. 
MSAC session yesterday was good as well. The anticipation for those five minutes of wave pool was a bit ridiculous though. The water slide was highly amusing, although I only went on it twice, and got water up my nose both times. Crashing into the pool at the end an all that. An exhilarating, fearful experience, reminiscent of doing free fall at year 9 camp.

I'm hoping that this feeling of knowing I'm lucky will stay with me.
I know you can't believe that I could just leave it wrong, and you can't make it right

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