Wednesday, February 2

Ramble 14

What is one doing with these last few days before school starts again? Not much. Did some more maths, which is the only kind of homework I'm ever comfortable doing. The problem with me is that I have no interest in the things I'm good at, and I am interested in things I'm not particularly skilled at. Take maths for example. It is easily my best subject, the one I have the least trouble with. But I don't have interest in it. Maths doesn't excite me like languages or history or art.

But that being said, my French and English homework remains a lot more undone (or a lot less done) than that of my maths.

Happy 21st birthday to my brother, and to some other person who lives a few houses up our street. I wish you happiness.

Haven't been out much of late. One day for Alice's party congregation, and of course, that day at Hammer Throw Man Garden/Park for Bubble Cup, prawn crackers and a dragonfly which attempted to attack my noodles. The problem with sitting on grass is that it makes me highly itchy. But it's so comfortable. Dilemmas.

Had an incomplete Lord of the Rings marathon, due to me not wanting to encroach upon dinner time. So we haven't watched the good guys beat the bad guys yet. I have finished reading all three series of Deltora Quest though, and I must say it is spiffing. Have also recently read Quidditch Through The Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I am now wanting to read Peter Pan, which I bought a while ago, but found too nonsensical for me. But in my current mood, I feel up to it.

I also really want to watch Tangled again. My Lion King craving also remains dissatisfied.

Went to the beach the other day with the family, and had fun watching Michelle look like a celebrity. Can't say why she did, but she did. Building a sandcastle, and swimming with her sunglasses on and whatnot. My brother pretended to be Superman. I'm afraid I had no alias.

A reason to be happy: there is colour in the world.

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