Wednesday, February 16

Not a weekly update

Although I had told myself not to blog except for weekends, I will make this exception. This may set a dangerous precedent, but whatever. It had to be done. Because I feel amazing.

Today was a good day. I don't know why, but suddenly I don't feel like listening to If This Was  A Movie anymore, and had Helter Skelter and Fearless running through my head going home instead. It's a very Fearless day. I have no idea why.

A twenty minute trip from school to Flinder's can pack a surprising amount of depth in a conversation, as I discovered today. It was probably even less than twenty minutes. But it was nice all the same. Catriona, I reiterate that I'm really glad that I met you, and that there's no one else I would rather have been a Vice-Captain to.

"When someone opens up to you, you care for them even more." Or something like that. Very true.

In this moment now; capture it. Remember it. 
That video captures the emotion of the song perfectly for me. That's what I want this year to be. A video clip of the best memories.

My brother got a Taylor Swift card for his birthday. It plays about twenty seconds of Fearless upon opening. Jealous.

Onto Valentine's Day:

Jess, thanks for the rose thingo. It was very cute and I will also figure out how to make it cause it's adorable. Julia thank you for the chocolate. Both Catriona and Bec T, thank you for the drawings/messages written on the back of homework.

There was also a mystery person who we are yet to discover the identity of. We may never Whose Reality. Whoever you are, thank you. The words meant a lot, especially seeing as I lose sight of them sometimes. I would not describe myself as patient. The opposite in fact. And I have screwed up in the past, so I guess that doesn't make me all too flash about the loving people bit. But I am trying.

If we could find out who you are, I would give you a very big hug, because you deserve it.

Listening to sick beats make me want to work. Or at least, it doesn't discourage me from working. I also colour the work I've done in my diary, instead of ticking things off. It motivates me to work in making my diary all pretty.

Although I do cheat a bit, colouring in half done work and then moving the rest down onto the next day...close enough. At least I'm doing stuff.

It has been a really good day and I have no idea why.

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