Sunday, February 20

Of music, and musical thoughts

This was going to be a ramble, until I realised that everything was related to all the musical things flying around at school at the moment. Nothing extended, cause much arranging and maths to do. So:

- I got into musical. There is a lot of paper involved. And the music is written in Jazz Inkpen. Very annoying.
- Chorals is getting into full-swing. I am arranging a lot. Not in Jazz Inkpen.
- My head is occupied with music
- I have For Good stuck in my head due to arranging it. It will probably stay there for the rest of the term.
- I also have midi instruments stuck in my head. Not pretty.
- My orchestra has a viola
- And potentially a double bass as well
- And the only tubist in the school
- The numbers are shaping up to be pretty good
- Rehearsal schedule may be tight though. Especially seeing as I've got my own rehearsals Thursday and Friday lunchtimes, and Wednesday after school
- I also got into Madrigal. So I'll have to avoid that too.
- Music makes me happy and excited
- Apologies in advance for not being around. I will find time for all of you. Please don't worry.
I don't know how it gets better than this. 
Well, I do. I know several ways. One of them being that I would be on top of my maths homework, and the second would be that I am good at English. As in, brilliantly good. I had a huge d&m with my English tutor yesterday. We spent most of my allotted hour talking about my life. It was epic.

Several other things could improve, but we can't have everything. At the moment, it's good.

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