Tuesday, November 2

Panic! In the exam room

I had a dream this morning, probably at about 8am, when I was just about to wake up. I dreamt that for some reason, my exams had all been pushed back by a week. And that music was today. And that revs was in two days.


Although subconsciously, I was going "what the hell?" with quite a bit of fear. Dream me was just standing in the foyer thing outside the exam room (my mind made up the location. It wasn't school), panicking and attempting to cram Carmina into my brain, along with Joey and Lydia.

Thank goodness I woke up.

Revising revs at the moment. Made some cue cards, which may or may not help. I highly regret summarising the notes, sort of. Although it did sort of get the information back into my head. I'm doing a write a revs response and play one level of Plants vs Zombies regime. Quite productive. Will need to start stuffing my brain full of music too. If I did do well on the performance, I don't my written to have brought it down. And if I didn't, well, even more reason to do well on written.

So enough of this.

Oh, and the reason why I'm here is because my brother's playing Plants vs Zombies at the moment and I just wrote a revs response. His exams are coming up too. As is my sister's piano one. We all have an exam on the 9th. Fun times.

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