Tuesday, November 30


That's meant to be the sound of an aeroplane engine, when it's taking off, for you unimaginative types out there who can't understand the language of onomatopaie. What a surprise. Chrome tells me I didn't spell that right. It is in fact onomatopoeia. Well, I guess the subject of too many unpronounced vowels brings me to the point of this post, which is that I am, if all goes well, on a plane which is bound for Paris. Well, Malaysia first, then Paris.

Very, mucho excited.

SNOW. And...well, France! I've always wanted to go to Europe. I think the strongest attraction for me is the atmosphere, especially France, with it's history and culture. Speaking of history, we're going to Versailles. I will probably explode from excitement.

One will assume that I will not be blogging much while I'm over there. So, unfortunately, the December/first half of January archive will probably be very small. I seem to have not been blogging much anyway.

So guys, look after yourself, stay safe and enjoy the break before the majority of you plunge into the fun times which shall be year 12. For this year's graduating class, it has been freaking epic knowing you, and good luck on your various trips to everywhere and anywhere, and have fun in uni. Apologies for not being able to go to Final Assembly. Bordeaux, and all that.

I realised I would miss people when I received a random text from someone. I can't remember who, or what it was about, but I only realised it about two weeks ago. Sure, I had been thinking of it, but then it really got to me how much I relied on the people around me to keep me sane and grounded. It got to me that I won't be able to report random happenings to anyone who will get it, or, and this is probably the more important part, in a language I can communicate effectively and hilariously in. That people won't be reporting random happenings to me all the time. That I won't wake up from a weird dream and be able to laugh with someone about the sheer stupidity of it.

I'm going to miss you all.

Thanks to everyone who texted/Facebooked me. It means quite a bit that you all remember, especially when some of you have been rather neglected throughout the year. Sorry, and thank you.

Bec Tee and Cat: I am rather disappointed we probably won't see each other until school starts. Stay safe, wherever you are.

Viv, I shall email as much as humanly possible. I will make up for lack of emails in one period by spamming you whenever I touch a computer.

Happy birthday for tomorrow Jose. Enjoy being 17, just smile and be happy. "I COMMAND YOU." Could you pick up my lock for me, aussi? Je l'ai oublié.

Hasini, enjoy yourself, darlink. I'll stalk you when I get back.

Words are very warm, even if they aren't very pretty. Beware of shifty people in India Mahi. If they try to attack you, launch a llama at them.

Julia, refrain from eating too much. And could you also pick up my blazer? Xie xie.

Bec, I will be unable to catch the train with you to places and discuss Naruto/Bleach with you until further notice. However, six chapters will have gone by by the time I get back, so we'll have plenty to talk about. Although six isn't actually that much in the grand scheme of things. Damn the slow pace.

Margaret, again apologies for the really dodgy rainbow. I tried my hardest. Take care.

Dear diary, I really want to go to the beach. That craving will probably increase ten-fold after I come back. Alice, we will convince your mother that you can swim. You'll probably be the one saving us from drowning.

My family, enjoy Disney.

My brother: enjoy U2 and Jay. Sorry I am not able to be home to Brawl. I wonder if Marie has a Wii...playing French video games could be rather interesting. Must find some sort of gaming friend.

Michelle, sorry I can't be there for graduation. My spirit will be floating around (in ecstasy. Snap), and, most likely, snickering at the antics of year 6s.

And I will attempt to not run into beanbags, coffee tables, chairs, door-frames, or any other type of furniture/part of the house while I'm at Marie's.

À bientôt!

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