Friday, November 12

I can't be no one else

I think I can see the connection between Oasis and The Beatles.

I need to be myself - I can't be no one else

When I hold you in my arms, and I feel my finger on your trigger I know nobody can do me no harm. Because happiness is a warm gun
Bang bang shoot shoot indeed. Anyway, I realised that Noel Gallagher picked up the "let's write lyrics that don't make sense" thing from the Beatles. These two songs make me very happy. Especially on a great day like this. It was a wonderful day. And a day in which I realised that I'm still shy. To an extent. But yes, walking along either listening to Supersonic or Morning Glory on another sunny afternoon makes me feel invincible. Which is why I was swaggering my way to school from Domain. The weather has been very Oasisy of late.

And it's over. It's over for this year. And nothing to freak out about until I go to France, when I will realised the inadequacy of my French skills.

Note to self kids: don't put the hair-dryer which has just been used to torch the dog near your face. It does burn.

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