Monday, November 15

Of too much leisure time

Wasn't is beautiful when you believed in everything? 
And everyone believed in you.
My ridiculous amounts of leisure time include tromping to and from school to attend rehearsals (I spend more time tromping than I do rehearsing), making Christmas presents, playing clarinet, fiddling around with piano, and reading the Lonely Planet guide to France. And playing Brawl. I need more hobbies. I also need to make Christmas cards.

Impossible and weird as though it may seem, I'm running out of time.

I also wish to watch all six Harry Potters before it comes out on Thursday, but I don't think that's happening.

And freaking out about calling people I've never met before.

I hate how I feel more awesome about playing my pieces after I've done my recital.

I was sitting on the train the other day (what's new), and I saw a lady walk on and sit across from me with a tennis racket bag. It had a scribble which looked suspiciously like a signature on it, and me being me, my train of thought automatically went "Rafa". I was standing later, and lady was also standing about to alight from the train, and I get to see the signature closer. It was a scribble with a big r, and underneath it said Rafael Nadal.

I felt incredibly jealous of this stranger, and desperately wanted to trade my Calvin Klein for her tennis bag.

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