Tuesday, November 9

Oh dear

Oh dear.

Not "oh dear, I just did my music written exam, and it was slightly dodgy cause there were supposedly triplets everywhere". Not "oh dear, revs in two days, and I still haven't memorised everything". Not even "oh dear, I may have to perform on Thursday, and hey, the music hasn't even been arranged".

Oh dear, I'm considering getting a tumblr.

Well, I'm not sure if that rates an oh dear...

But oh dear. It sorta started with this thing which Bec Tee got me on, where I stare at pictures of Zack and Cloud from Final Fantasy cause there is just something weirdly peaceful about pictures of them together. See:

And my dilemma is referencing them, cause you know, it's sorta not my artwork. I believe the first one is originally from http://mariazell.tumblr.com/post/1492730524, and I'm not too sure where the second one came from. Dilemma the second is that blogger isn't ideal for posting pictures, especially ones stolen from another site. 

So...tumblr? Will think about it. Although I'll probably still keep primarily to blogger, cause there is a word limit on tumblr, I believe. Although if that's not the case...well...blogger. Ahem. Stubbornness dictates me keeping to my original blog provider server thing. 

Anyway. There was another point to this post, being from one of the most epic and slightly scorned series (although not by me): Animorphs. 
I wanted so much to live. I wanted so much to stay and not leave. In a moment no answer would matter to me, but just the same, I wanted to know what I guess any dying person wants to know.
"Answer this, Ellimist: Did I...did I make a difference? My life, and my...my death...was I worth it? Did my life really matter?"
"Yes," he said. "You were brave. You were strong. You were good. You mattered."
From book 54: The Beginning. Depressing, and a lot deeper than people give it credit for. "I wanted to know what I guess any dying person wants to know". I think even people alive want to know that. To know that you made a difference, despite the fact that maybe these things shouldn't matter. To know that there's a reason to be alive.

I was going to quote from Babysitter's Club as well, but I cannot find the book. Is babysitter one word? Chrome says it is, but I just reflected on the fact that they're called the BSC...oh well. Once I find that book, expect Kristy to feature here.

Yeah, my pledge of staying off the computer didn't work. I was going to wait until after revs, but apparently not. I'll go have a shower now. Really sleepy. Although glad that the possum which woke me up two nights ago at 2:15am with its greeeek greeeeeks didn't come back last night.

I want to quote the whole book. I was just discussing with my brother that the series is very weirdly realistic for something so ludicrous. Evil alien slugs invading Earth...yet somehow, it manages to maintain a modicum of sanity, and then throws reality and terrible moral questions in your face in the last book. Yeah.

Lord of the Rings also had great potential to be a huge flop; the movie that is. I mean, there was an animated version which came out a while ago, and judging by the pictures, it sucked. Lord of the Rings should not be animated. The live action is epic though. Literally, in the true sense of the words epic and awesome.

I don't know what I'm talking about. This should have been a ramble. But I decided to call it oh dear instead.

I'll stop staring at the pictures now.

To do after exams - NEW AND IMPROVED
- make a heck load of Christmas presents
- make a pile of Christmas cards
- learn French
- learn Lord of the Dance
- turn up to Speech Night rehearsals, cause they're sorta important, and Cat has been turning up to every one even before exams. But it does take her twenty minutes less to get to school. Still. Should go to some.
- look at French
- read Lonely Planet Guide for France
- call French tutor
- maybe maths tutoring
- start LMus pieces (very excited for that)
- buy Christmas presents
- hand out Christmas presents. Somehow.
- pack for France
- buy presents for France
- make epic changing desktop background picture things. What I mean is, find pictures and compile a folder so the desktop of my computer can change into visions of awesomeness. I'm not very good at expressing myself.

Things which are coming up before I go to France:
- party
- French exchange meeting
- year 9 information night
- Speech Night
- two days of school
- orientation for next year
- the Fed Square performance thingo
- lunch/dinner with the musos
- Harry Potter is released + I must go

That is all I can think of. I'll stop boring you with mundane details now, and instead say something interesting.


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