Wednesday, December 1


This is extremely dodgy. This airport doesn't allow Javascript, and me being a computer noob, doesn't know how to fix it. Well I do, but understandably, it's been blocked for us touristy types. No that didn't make grammatical sense. I've been about twenty-one hours without sleep. I get tired easily.

Just update for people to know that I'm safely in Malaysia. I still have a twelve hour trip, commencing in about half an hour.

Shall attempt to email with other people's smartphones which allow Javascript who have successfully attached themselves to free wifi. But in case I don't, I'm good.

This doesn't make any sense. I am tired.

It is also very humid.

The airline people were very nice.

It's fun hanging with people around airports.

On my way to France soon. "Yippee" (quote Naomi). Sarah doesn't use such words. I say things such as "yayzles" instead.

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