Wednesday, September 29

lolcakes for breakfast

When I woke this morning, I found the following on my Facebook:

Well, not when I woke. After I ate breakfast and stuff.

For Viv and Julia who may feel jibbed by my brother hacking into my account, thanks anyway (well, not hacking. I did forget to log off his computer. But wait...I thought I did. Memory lapse). It's amusing to think that two people would assure me if I ever posted an emo status update.

Makes me sort of glad I've never posted an emo status pathetic would it look if only two people commented? Usually people get floods of "u ok?"s and "inbox me babes ♥"s.

I'm glad you two are more original than that.

And I'm glad that there are two people who would do that for me. So if you feel terrible for being jibbed, don't. Thank you.

I, however, am actually fine.

It was amusing playing around with the different blurs on Photoshop.

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