Saturday, September 4

miss the better dayz

I is thinking that 2Pac started this whole using incorrect grammar/spelling thing in music. Ambitionz Az A Ridah from All Eyez On Me would eventually lead to Usher singing "do she got a kid", which is just so wrong in so many ways. However, does sound very cool. Currently listening to Better Dayz, Shorty Wanna Be A Thug (almost typed Short wanna be a thug there, and had this brief impression of Mr Short as gangsta...), Changes, Thugz Mansion, My block, and Ambitionz Az A Ridah (these misspellings are just getting a tad ridiculous).
Got me thinkin bout better days 
Cheryllyn's stint as roll monitor was very amusing. Not only was she listed as "Cheryll" on the bulletin (yes, with a double l, not just Cheryl), she also had great trouble counting the amount of people in spesh. Which was rather amusing. We spent a half minute trying to figure out who was missing, when it turns out that Cheryllyn counted 22 instead of 23. Oh the irony of having done that in a maths class as well.
Keep yo head up and try to keep the faith, and pray for better days.
Nadal is in the US Open, attempting to become the youngest man ever to get a career grand slam. Rod Laver achieved it at 24, but that wasn't in the Open Era. SO VAMOS RAFA. I believe in you. Good form at the moment. And he's also won gold at the Olympics so that gives him the Golden Grand Slam, or something along those lines.
Every once in a while, I reminisce and wonder how we ever came to this. I miss the better days
Mary in orchestra: "Don't you know the expression a chip on your shoulder?"
Shuyu in orchestra: "No, I'm fob."
Also, note to V: stop using all these what you term as "bloggertalk" acronyms, which I term as "fobtalk" acronyms, on me. Buddha was bad enough. Now you're calling me BB. That's just not cool.
Better days is coming homeboy. Keep your head up.

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  1. Look, it wasn't my fault it took so long to figure out who was missing. It was your maths class for goodness sake. I don't even do spesh. I can't believe no-one else figured out I counted wrong...

    ps. Mr Short being a gangsta would be highly amusing.