Tuesday, September 28

Ramble 11

So I'm sitting here at my computer, not wanting to blog, but doing so.

I have three word windows open.

One is the story I'm writing for English.

The second is the persuasive/expository* which I plan to incorporate into my story, as well as using it as one of my drafts.

The third is my pirate story which I use to distract myself when I get too sick of writing the other two. Sometimes it works too well and I end up writing more of the pirate story than my homework. Well, not writing. More reading, and re-reading, and then changing a word or two.

I also organise my music to distract myself. I just went and updated my favourite music on my blogger profile cause I couldn't stand forcing myself through the persuasive/expository any longer. I don't put it on Facebook cause I don't like how they link things. Yes I'm a bit weirdly obsessive about strange things.

But I do like completing profile things. It's fun. I might update the rest one day. But music's the most important one, obviously. Might steal what Viv has done and put up my top 25 most played on iTunes. Maybe tomorrow. Or later. Whatever.

And the reason these things are called ramble is because
a) they have no point (much like my persuasive/expository). And although most of my posts don't have a point, these are even pointlesser than most
b) but it's largely because I can't think of a snappy title/songline
Why are you so paranoid? Don't be so paranoid...you wanna kill the vibe on another night, here's another fight. Oh, here we go. Baby, don't worry bout it. Hey there, don't even think about it.
*Cause my English is so bad that I have no idea what type of text I'm writing.

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