Friday, September 24


Hrmmm. I never realised so many people read my blog. As of two seconds ago, I have 1640 pageviews, although half of those are probably mine, seeing as they count me viewing it even when I told it not to. Yes, I obsessively check my blog whenever I post something new. The post with most views is Vamos España, which has 36. And I am well aware that a little over one and half thousand pageviews isn't a lot, but it gives me a strange sense of satisfaction. You have to remember that I assume that only a few of my dedicated and highly bored friends read this.

What amuses me most is the source of my readers. Most of my pageviews come from Australia. Let me take a screenie:

I'm just amused that there's someone reading from Finland. I'll assume it's just one person reading...17 pageviews from Finland. How amusing. Cheers, my Finalandian friend.

Netherlands as well...really? Well, you did well in the World Cup. I applaud you.

And here's to whoever's reading my blog on their iPhone...

Chrome is the highest ranking browser...big surprise; I use Chrome. Ehe.

Thanks for the referrings Jasmin, Facebook (fair enough; I stick this url on my profile), blogger (I wonder how it links) and Flic. Again, there is that Finlandish reader, looking me up on (I'll assume that's Finland). I salute you. Say hi sometime.

The "Search Keywords" is also amusing and comforting. I'll assume it means that people are searching these things on Google, although now that I say it, it doesn't make much sense. Whatever. It just amuses me that people are looking up "playsus". I made that up guys. It was Ronaldo's accent which amused me, although I have since realised that it should be read "playcez".

For those looking up "vamos españa meaning", it means something along the lines of "GO SPAIN". Although there is high likelihood of that being grammatically incorrect, seeing as I don't actually speak Spanish or anything.

Everybody Knows is a top song. As is Song Cry and Death And All His Friends.

I have no idea why people are looking for "happy meal toy story en france", or "oasis definitely maybe download blogspot". Definitely Maybe is a top album, and you should all definitely (maybe. Oh snap) download it. I have the lovely album which Thu gave me for my birthday sitting right here. Top stuff.

So thank you all for reading to my idiocies. It makes me feel happy that there are actually people paying attention. Yes I'm an egomaniac who craves attention; what's new?

and we could pretend it all the time
I wouldn't mind trying banana pancakes. Although I probably wouldn't like them. I'm not too fond of banana.

I'm getting ridiculously excited about other people's birthdays. I'm also sick. It's disgusting and uncomfortable. I'm more tired during the holidays than I am during school. Stupid.  

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