Sunday, May 30

Oasis 2.0, life, and a big fat river

I cannot believe what Liam called the band. Beady Eye. What the hell. It sounds so...dodgy. Immensely. Makes me thinks of creepy English guys on the streets in their long trenchcoats in the rain, preying on some poor innocent little kid to steal their pocket money...or that might just be an image of Liam actually. But Beady Eye? First it was Oasis 2.0. Then Beady Eye. You can sort of tell that Noel is the better songwriter. He seems to have a way with words which Liam just lacks. Not that I hate Liam. I love the kid, I love his voice, his stupid antics. And he has got some good songs; well, two. Songbird and I'm Outta Time. But he's not devoid of talent. It's just he does all these cringeworthy things. Beady Eye. I'll probably be talking about them a lot anyway, so I might as well get used to it.

Beady Eye. Beady Eye. Beady Eye.

Alright, that's just too much.

I'm listening to Die Moldau by Smetana on youtube at the moment. It's so awesome. I love the opening; the sweet sounds of clarinets just kills me. I love the sound of clarinets in harmony. Or even not in harmony. Just clarinets in general. It's such a sweet, mellow, haunting, beautiful sound. Okay Sarah, too many adjectives. But it's so beautiful. I wish I was playing clarinet for Moldau. Although I probably wouldn't be able to nail it anyway. But still.

Life? Erm...well. I feel weird. That is all. There's still things which I bugging me. Feels like my conversations are continually dragged down by this one thing weighing on my mind that I just want to shout everywhere. Feels like wading through mud. Oh well.

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