Thursday, May 6


Another chorals note, was that halfway through a massive grinning session on Monday, I realised that it wasn't the placing at chorals which had me so happy and high. It was the fact that we did so well. It was because we put so much effort, lunchtimes, stress, money, concentration into the whole thing, and it paid off, because we had a beautifully marvellous madrigal performance, and the musical section was pulled off with a great magnificence. It was just a great feeling to see something come out so wonderfully in the end after all the tears, yelling and hair-pulling.
A huge thank you to my lovely orchestra buddies, for the following:
1. The bear, which incidentally looks like me. By the way, those reading glasses fit my dad. I will take a photo soon for all of you to laugh at.
2. The 'relaxation box', which I had to open then and there because Cheryllyn needed to explain it to me. I was not stressing; I just have a tendency of talking rather loudly and forcefully. Although Vineeta did walk up to me at one stage during the week leading up to chorals to feed me a digestive biscuit because I 'looked stressed'. And I wasn't even thinking about stressful things - it was recess. I was eating, therefore happy.
3. All the hard work you guys put in, me yelling at you, the shouting, the giant lapse in concentration during the performance because I was laughing so much. Thanks to all of you for letting me barge into your lives, and for your constant patience through all the raging and turmoil.
I can't wait for next year. It was one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done.
I had a whole host of things I wanted to talk about, which I have now forgotten. Typical.
Ahh, my profound moment. Alrighty, so someone said today that happy endings in stories forward slash fairytales make them depressed, because then you cry to the heavens "WHY CAN I NOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING?" To which I replied, with some awesomeoness, is that it is because we're not at the end yet. I said it quite jokingly, in a 'duh' kind of way. But then I thought about it, and it sounded pretty epic. Then I thought about it some more later. Which makes me sorta dissatisfied with what I said. Because we're never at the 'end', we're not going to live 'happily ever after'. Man that makes me sound emo. But what I'm trying to say is that there are going to be sad days along with the happy. I'm sure Cinderella had some moments where she looked at her prince to say 'you are really bugging me today'. God knows I have those moments where people just annoy me; nothing personal, just me being in a bad mood for no reason whatsoever. Just those moments where you just need a little alone time, a little quiet. 
N.B: I just got informed that 'happily ever after' is a general statement, discounting those few off-days. So ignore that whole last paragraph.
I guess I want a happy ending too. Now I'm drifting in my little bliss state of mind, which could be potentially fatal, as I have come to discover, because then I become complacent and think that I can realise my dreams without doing anything.
What else? I did have something to say. It was sitting in my mind. And now I've forgotten it.
I want to see Robin Hood.
I want to see Iron Man 2. Because Tony Stark is the best.
To get Viv for her birthday:
- almond bread
- a hug

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