Thursday, May 13

Music is a world within itself

So my iPod journey thus far has taken me to College Dropout by Kanye West. It started sometime just before the holidays with Abbey Road. And it's been brilliant :D
I get this ridiculous smile on my face every time I hear Empire State of Mind. The problem is that it's so overplayed that I almost feel ashamed that I'm playing it, but it is such a great song though. Like Wonderwall. I feel like covering my iPod in shame every time it comes up. But I also feel like announcing to the world that I'm playing Wonderwall, cause it's one of the few songs which I can mention and people will know what I'm talking about.
Music music music music.
I also listened to Mozart's clarinet concerto in A, K 622. I love it. Greatly. Beautiful beautiful music.
Hmmm...what to leave here then.

And in this crazy life
And through these crazy times
It's you, it's you
You make me sing
You're every word
You're every line
You're everything

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