Thursday, May 20

Usher Usher Usher

Alright, there's just something that really bugging me. Extremely.
The song O.M.G. feat. sucks, yet everyone seems to love it. Hit number 1 in Australia, and it's everywhere and everyone loves it. But Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home) from the same album peaked at number 64 or something, and it is clearly superior.
Here, decide for yourself.

Lack of lyrical depth, lack of development, and it has As compared to:

Unfortunately it's the live version because the official video got the embedding code taken down. But it's so much better. So much happier. So much...more. It's like Yeah!
I just don't comprehend.
So currently going around the mp3 player I have installed in my head:

Papers - Raymond V Raymond, Usher
Doesn't Mean Anything - The Element of Freedom, Alicia Keys
Where Did My Baby Go? - Once Again, John Legend

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