Thursday, June 3


Just thought I'd share with the world (or those two or three people who actually visit this site) that Nadal has made it to the semis of Roland Garros, which is the only one which matters when it comes to Nadal; although I would like to see him win US Open this year so he could say that he got a career grand slam at the tender age of 24.

Speaking of his age, happy birthday Rafa. Only 24. Seems like he's been around for ages. Although he has been playing for seven years...which is a while. I only started following about two or three years ago, but he's so inspirational. I get all bubbly inside when he wins.

In other news (although still very relevant) Federer was knocked out by Soderling in the quarter-finals. Oh yeeeaaaahhh. That guy is a giant-killer. Yes he did knock out Nadal last year, and I despise him for that and the stuff which he said which made him come off as quite arrogant, but I'm still quite chuffed that Federer's out. Because it means that if Nadal wins Roland Garros, he'll be back at number 1. And Federer will have to win Wimbledon to get it back.


Good luck, play well, and win beautifully.

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