Sunday, May 23

N'inquiete pas

I'm worrying people. I'm sorry.

It's just some slightly freaking out over slightly unimportant things. And I know I promised to myself that I wasn't going to blog about depressing things anymore so I'll stop.

Just wanted to tell you all (if there is even an "all" I'm talking to here) not to worry, and that I'll be fine. Cheers for the worrying though.

In other news, I watched a Bleach movie last night. Owing to the absence of my brother, I couldn't have my customary weekend movie session, so instead I sat in front of my computer and watched The Diamond Dust Rebellion (excited/dramatic music here). I only did it because it featured more vegetating in front of computer watching movies anymore. No sirree. But it was fun. Although after 72 minutes of (I think) and it told me that I needed to either sign up, or wait 54 minutes. So then I went to another site and got five minutes out of that, because it was only a preview for the last little bit. And finally finished it on one last site.

Another slightly weird dream. I seem to be getting a lot of them lately. All I remember from this one is Lydia carrying a tray of cookies with Viv and others tagging along behind. And because we're suspicious people, we decided to test it for poison. Which is done by reciting the following lines over the plate of cookies:
Hello Mother. Hello Father.
Here I am at Camp Grenada.
Camp is very entertaining. 
And I'll bet it'll be more fun when it stops raining. 
All the counsellors hate the waiters.
And the lake has alligators.
Do you remember Geoffrey Hardy?
Well they're about to organise a searching party. 
And then the cookies sorta had a green tinge...THEREFORE THEY WERE POISONED.
I remember another part being us in a hotel room sort of thing (it was huge) and there were celebrations going on outside with some pretty fireworks...that is all.

Currently going round and round my head: Follow Me from Confessions by Usher.

Sometimes I gotta smile,
When I don't feel like smiling.
Sit back and ride, 
When I feel like driving. 

...sometimes I gotta go
Where I don't feel like going.
And when it gets too fast,
And I feel like slowing down.

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