Friday, May 21

Pea sack the brow hairs along the back. Call hen, you fish rearing trollop!

Just a thank you to several people who supported me during my mid-Friday crisis, which hit at about recess. It helped a lot. So here's the honour roll:
Charlotte for the very special hugs (x2) and the words.
Vineeta for the digestive biscuit which she would have given to me had she had them.
Julia for the smiles.
Hasini for the promise of seeking vengeance (no need, but thank you anyway)
Aden because you asked
Aly because she's an awesome twin and for the laughs. Turning "Please stack the brown chairs along the back wall when you finished rehearsing" to "Pea sack the brown hairs along the back. Call hen, you fish rearing trollop!"
Viv because she's Viv. Sorry for being cold.
Thank you.
I also played Don't Look Back In Anger seven or eight times today. And Wonderwall about twice. Currently going round and round my head. Along with Lost by Michael Buble which I'm playing on iTunes at the moment.

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