Wednesday, February 1

Today I sorted out some of my Pokemon music whilst loading Durarara (!!)

Well, technically yesterday, but screw technicalities. So I have has a mixture of many different Pokemon tunes stuck in my head all day. Also just came back from Noel (with inevitable ringing of ears, weakness of voice and soreness of eyes), so I've got a mixture of Noel and Oasis in my head too.

Tired but with no wish to sleep. I feel rather restless (ha, I am, seeing as I'm not resting). Stuck. Thinking too much but not particularly deserving of thinking, if that even makes sense. Mmmmm. Tired. Noel. Don't Look Back In Anger dream fulfilled. Out of it. Rather out of it right now. Mm. Just thought of this Ransom quote. Just came to my head. Funny how these things work. Never did like that boom. But I remember Achilles feeling that it wasn't distance he was staring into, but time. Yeah. Sometimes it feels like that. As though I can feel this long stretch of road. No idea where it leads though.

And now I shall get off my phone and go to sleep.

And probably delete this later. I'm a bit too tired and vaguely but not really upset (there has to be a better word for this) to care. Probably no other word but just tired. Mm.

Night night.

P.S. Nadal. Sniffle. Champion

P.P.S *book, not boom. And I just noticed that my sentences are very short and choppy in this. Clearly rhythm is thrown off when I'm tired. Mmm. So many things to do. Must become an author as well.

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