Saturday, February 11

Forever ago

I think I shall just go lie in my bed and weep sad tears of bitterness and regret. No, I'm not really gonna do that. But so much sad.
Go find another lover to bring, to string along. With all your lies, you're still very lovable. 
Or something. Great album. Makes your whole train trip seem like one massive movie.

Or something. 

No, I can't hear what he's singing. Probably half the time the lyrics aren't...commonly used phrases. 

By the by, I got an offer for DipMus. Without having to audition. I get the feeling my opportunities get handed to me on a plate way too often. Lalala. Or something.
Would you really rush out for me now?  
 Now, what to do with the day ahead of me? I guess first priority is sleep.


Time to sleep!

And I like Sherlock. It's very good. I have two episodes left. And it's hit the time of the night where I'm overly energised but not really. It's weird. I think I focus better. But it probably means I won't be able to focus for very long.

Things to do:

1. Get some guy to help me make it so that I can stick first year subjects in my second year, etc. in my study plan
2. Get student ID card and diary
3. Interview.
4. Go to sleep. Now.

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