Wednesday, February 1

If I die in a dream then let me live my life

Yeah. I feel really out of it. Saw Noel last night. Was really, really good. Out of it, therefore doesn't really feel incredibly real.

He's forty-four, and he's still so cool. My gosh he's cool.

"Who is St Kilda? Cause I looked it up, and he's not a real saint. So you either made him up, or he's a cartoon character. Cause it's not in the Bible. And everything in the Bible's true. No, he's not a prostitute. But you might be."

"Do you want to meet the rest of the band?" *raucous applause and cheering* "Why?"

My Noel passion has been rekindled. He is cool. It makes me happy. 

Hilarious. Picks up my mood some what. 

And my t-shirt.

Rotated the wrong way. Clearly. But it is cool nonetheless. 

And I'm getting sick. First time in a couple of months. I'm rather impressed.

If I had a gun I'd shoot a hole into the sun, love would burn this city down for you. 

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