Sunday, February 5


I drew some bees for a friend. You can look at them too if it makes you happy. 

The original masterpiece. Which then got turned into this:

Cause Bec thought that I should put shojo eyes on my bee. So there you are. Complete with shojo romantic circle things, which sorta turned into shojo romantic rose things cause I couldn't figure out how to draw the bubble on MS Paint...

Completed to the inspirational sounds of Beatles. 


Also completed to inspiration Beatles songs: 

A crayfish for Julia cause she's allergic to them. And I just tried to spell allergic with one l. I thought it was one l...maybe I'm very tired. Hrm. 

His name is Jeremy, and he's had a big night out so he's a little tipsy at the moment. It's difficult to balance on his extra long legs. I hope Julia takes care of him. Sniff. 

Night night. 



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