Thursday, February 2

Apparently this is my 300th post

But I don't think so, cause I think it counts drafts as posts. But yay for me anyway.

I have been encouraged to read Hunger Games by Julia just to check it out, but Jess hypothesises that they will annoy me. I hypothesise that they will annoy me, seeing as I am already annoyed by them and haven't actually read them yet. But Julia says I should. Even if she doesn't like them. So I shall get them off someone. Bec. Must find Bec. She has them. But I won't see her (I presume) until the 25th. And then won't get them back to her for fifty billion years, cause we don't go to the same uni.

Sigh. We don't go to the same uni.

Speaking of items unreturned, I still have four Pokémon seasons lying unwatched on the floor of my bedroom. I don't think they're going to get watched anytime soon.

I also bought Easy A today. Shall watch it this weekend.

I have a good idea for a story in my mind.

Durarara withdrawal.

Nadal withdrawal.

Talk to the tears, talk to the man who put you here. Don't wait for the sky to clear. 
I feel like reading through some old emails, just cause I feel melancholy. Ha. Melon.


I can understand why I acted the way I did, but I also understand that most of it wasn't justified. That no matter how mature I thought I was, I dealt with a lot of things in a highly immature manner. Ahhh, hindsight. You cool. And stuff.

Gosh, who even reads this?


Listening to the acoustic version of If I Had A Gun again. Has there ever been a better songwriter? My gosh. *fangirl squeal* He's just so good at writing. My gosh. Oh gosh. It's just so good. I'm sorry. Celebrity crushes render me speechless cause there's a really tight feeling in my chest that's this massive well of emotion from listening to music and a massive pit of admiration that I can't quite explain. It makes me want to throw my arms around in some sort of weird spasm and make a lot of sdhfihsdifhishfhisdhfidhsifhsd noises.

I seem to spend my whole life running from people who would be the death of you and me. Cause I can feel the storm clouds sucking up my soul. 
And I get the feeling I should delete my side tumblr. Why do I have two? Honestly? Just had an idea to start a music blog...probably not a good thing for my eventual attempts to rid myself of internet when school starts again. And would anyone read yet another blog? I doubt it. Why the hell do I even blog here? I have no idea. Cause it's quicker than writing in my diary.


For some as yet unexplained reason, I am sorting in the dark listening to Broken Arrow With my phone's high quality speaker. And just Noel in general. Well, I've only spent the past five minutes or so doing that. Make that tenish actually. Mmm. And now I'm sitting in the dark blogging about it on my phone. Time for bed, I believe.

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