Saturday, February 4

I'm not super extremely planning ahead or anything...

But I think, going by compulsory lecture times and all, I may be able to work it so that I only go to uni two or three days a week next semester...depending on tute streaming. It all depends on that damn tute streaming.

Either way, I think I get Monday off again.

Yeah. I'm not looking ahead at all.

This semester hasn't even started yet. Aish.

Another day gone by. Another piano untouched. Well, the same piano. But yeah. Need to...practise...sigh. Where did my musical passion/motivation go?


Again, I'm not overly keen or anything, but it looks like uni three days a week is the best I can make it. Again, cause French has the most annoying tute times and both tutes on a Tuesday happen to overlap with the only Tuesday lecture of one of the other subjects. Yeah.

Should probably focus on this semester first. Starting with operation I need to get some French skills back.


Also I watched Muppets today. It was...very awesome. The music. Bret, you're amazing. What a movie. Gosh. It was just...good. I think I laughed too much and got too excited when people cameoed. I was all like "SELENA GOMEZ! BARNIE STINSON!! SHELDON!!" (I don't actually watch the shows, hence why I don't know the actors' names.) MEL!! I recognised her as soon as her voice started...playing, for want of a better word. But soooooooo good. And the Toy Story short was amazing as well. Again, I may have laughed too much. Need to get it when it comes out on DVD. Soooo good.

Life's a happy song when there's someone by your side to sing along.


Also I'm in the school newsletter. I'm excited, kay? And slightly egotistical. I keep trying to stalk myself, but the electronic version is not up because they're upgrading the website or whatever and have this destroyed it.

ALSO I wrote today. It felt good. I like this. Maybe it'll be even better when I know what the plot is.


I am blogging too much now. Someone stop me.

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