Wednesday, February 29

I am happy

People are really good to me. Like, really good. My friends and family are amazing. Like, yeah. Just, yeah. The  good day and special day record meant a lot. As did the bookmark, notebook, and card. As did the jar of stars and card. And the real bag and dress. And yeah, the headphones too. They're cool, and I like them, but it's the cards which steal my heart. Rafa in a book. I felt very inspired at 1am this morning...less so now, cause I'm all sleepy and feel like moaning and groaning about things. But yeah. The un-rehearsed rendition of happy birthday. The very loud rendition of happy birthday with Pikachu. The very loud and in several different keys rendition of happy birthday in L3 today. I don't think I'll ever fall out of love with that place. The card, this time from other people. The tickets. Just a simple, overcrowded tram ride to Flinder's. I miss year 12. I just miss everything. Once this year passes, I'll miss this year. Etc. etc. One of life's annoying things that I find very difficult to get over, the simple concept that time keeps moving. And the little package which arrived in the post yesterday. And the many, many cranes. And the birthday messages. People who make me laugh. People who give me hugs.

Gosh, just thank you all. Just, yeah. I feel really loved, and I don't know why I ever doubt that.

7:42am on the 1st of March

As we walked, we would talk and I didn't say half the things I wanted to.

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