Monday, February 27

Of uni, and being a muso in transit.

I'm slowly realising that I will not be doing as many ensembles in uni as I did in high school. In fact, this semester I'm not in any. Weird. Past six years, I've always had something.

Change? S**t. I guess change is good for any of us.

Slightly weird. I'll be alright. Hopefully choob ensemble semester two. And then starting next year I might try orchestras and stuff. Shall see. I have friends who say that it's hard to start things in second year, when you're not a newbie. Well, I'm not doing it this year, so it has to be after. it's just weird. All these auditions and things. No more vice music captain card. No more of this people will just assume you're good business. No more you're the only bass clarinettist to ever walk this earth so we need you. Slightly strange. For the moment, just concentrate on studies. Actually. I have to blow this thing out if the water. I want to prove to myself that I can.

February 27th

For some reason this never got published.

Though it got views...I'm confused. Or conviewsed.

Doesn't even make sense.

In other news, first day of uni. Yeah. Interesting. And wet.

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