Wednesday, January 19

Toil and trouble

There are little bubbles of happiness bubbling away inside me. Following what was not exactly a bad day but a frustrating, angsty teen one, today has thus far been a success. Yesterday was full of not being able to watch Nadal, lack of success in Brawl, the methods book printing a question, not an answer, wrong, and various other frustration-inducing things.

Today has been good. Reading an email from a very dearly missed Filipino made me bubble with happiness. My parents buying me a Swarovski bracelet, for which I thank them very much, for my birthday made me bubble. Listening to Face to Face, and now Da Funk and it's very cool beats, makes me bubble with happiness. Getting my blazer off Julia makes me bubble with happiness. Thank you for looking after it. I've forgotten what you named it, but I'm sure it enjoyed it's time at your house.

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