Thursday, January 27

Everybody knows you did it on Photo-o-shop

I could sit here for the rest of eternity, and I will never get the colour/tone/contrast/other such Photoshoppy terms right. So unfortunately, my brother will have to deal with a birthday present that is not perfectly coloured/toned/contrasted/etc.ed.

I have lack of patience, lack of photo paper, and lack of ink to run endless tests.

Alright, I guess I also lack skill. However, I now have many photos of various sizes and colours involving various people lying around. More things to plaster my walls with.

Justine Henin retired from tennis due to a wrist injury. In the WTA, she would have to be one of my favourites. She's good, she's humble, and she's cute. It's sad that it has to go that way, but you have to stop some time, and she had a good run. Good luck to her for the rest of the journey.

2 minutes later

Alright, so I had another crack. It's coming out of the printer as I type. Here's hoping.

After the printing was done:

Quite a fair bit better. I'm getting better at this. The effect is more like what I wanted.

If this turns out as awesome as I hope it will be, then I will definitely have to photograph my genius.

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