Wednesday, January 12

Just how blind I'd been

I will now proceed to write a proper post about my return. 

I am home, in case you didn't notice. Strangely, I am very sprightly and energised. Got out of the arrivals it called a gate? I know departure gate, but not for arrivals. Anyway, I left that hall thing with the sliding doors at about 9 to 10 at night, bouncing around cause I was finally home. Wasn't overly tired, despite probably getting about 3 hours of light sleep all up during the two day flight, and having about 6 the night before. Came out for big hugs. Babbled a lot as our parents took the long way home in the car, and then ate much food when we stopped for Maccas, as we always do when we have a long car trip at night. 

Everything was bigger than I remembered, although the next morning it looked fine. The dog was a lot bigger, probably cause I was used to a little one. Only got four and a half hours of sleep that night, but wasn't tired at all. Have been waking up at about 6 every morning due to sunlight through the curtains, and humidity. Saw Tangled the first day back. Brilliant little movie. 

Disney is absolutely brilliant. 50th animated film. Good stuff. The most exciting part had to be the songs. She started singing and I was bouncing up and down on my seat, cause I had been recently lamenting the lack of singalongs in modern Disney movies. Superb. 

I have been going on a recent Disney rampage. Currently listening to When Will My Life Begin and I See The Light from Tangled, One Jump Ahead reprise from Aladdin, When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2, He Lives In You from the Lion King musical, and Under The Stars from The Lion King, cause it's an awesome bit where Simba's shouting desperately at the sky. Also thrown in with that is Lover/Soldier (still), and an acoustic version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow mixed with What A Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (yes, I copy and pasted that) from an album called Facing Future. I think it's very apt at the moment. Heard it on French radio, and during my extremely emotional state during that week, I almost started crying. That was the same week I watched Mulan and started to tear up. I have very wild mood swings.

Also playing Blame Game by Kanye, except the play counts aren't really racking up cause it's seven minutes long, and the last one and half consists of weird talking. 
Let's play the blame game, I love you more. Let's play the blame game for sure. Things used to be, now they not. Anything but us is who we are. Disguising ourselves as secret lovers, we've become public enemies. We walk away like strangers in the street, gone for eternity, we erased one another. So far from where we came with so much of everything. How do we leave with nothing?
And something I don't believe I've ever published before, though it's brilliant.

Deciding between the acoustic version I just found and the official version was no longer a question when I found that the official video didn't want to be embedded. So you can listen to Chris Martin's awesome guitar playing as well as awesome singing. 
Running in circles, chasing our tails, coming back as we are. Nobody said it was easy. Oh, it's such a shame for us to part. Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would so hard.

Oh take me back to the start. 

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