Sunday, January 23

Things that fly: Of spaceships, planes, and tennis balls

At last, the long wait is over, the weight is off my shoulders
JOSE IS BACK. I shall proceed to do my happy dance. And play some happy music. I was going to put Digsy's Dinner up here, but I can't seem to find it, so Daft Punk will do nicely instead. 

My mind is set so free, I'm where I want to be to get the best of me
The ironic part is that the song is ten minutes long...the only time I've ever finished it was when I was watching Interstella, and that was because I wanted to finish the movie.

Nadal also beat Tomic, which is another cause to be happy, simply because he's an awesome, humble stud muffin. Who's also quite good at tennis. Here's hoping that he wins the Australian Open, despite still suffering from some ill effects of fever.

He's modelling for Armani as's slightly frightening.

Twelve days until year twelve...and my homework is still largely undone. Tennis is on pretty much during all useful hours of the day. I also need to call LG to complain that the wifi on my phone is not working. It makes me very upset.

Happy 17th to Alice for two days ago. I hope it was megaly fun and that you enjoyed the celebrations which were four days early. And that your teeth aren't hurting too much.
These could be the best days of our lives, but I don't think we've been living very wise. What a life it would be if you could come to mine for tea. I'll pick you up at half past three, we'll have lasagne.  

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