Tuesday, January 11


I first listened to this on the train from Bordeaux to Paris with Em. It hit me so hard. Whack, right in the heart. 
Cause maybe people in love are on the same side when they fight
I also got a new phone. Getting used to Swype is fun. It actually managed to figure out the word geographically.

You remember how a while ago, I promised a Babysitter's Club quote? Well, here's one, but it wasn't the one I had in mind, but it just came to mind when someone said something to me. The other one is sitting next to my bed, and I will blog that in due time.
I don't really believe you'd do this, but just think over what I'm going to say: Don't drop Corrie. You're going to start feeling better, Claud, and when you do, you won't need Corrie as much. So don't - don't just drop her...I think each of you can help the other one get stronger. Be careful, that's all. Everyone says little kids don't break, but they do. Inside. 
Is it strange that cliche passages from children's books hit me so hard?

I have a craving for a mega Lord of the Rings marathon. Who's up for it?
...I don't belong to you and you don't belong to me. And I don't think we need to cause it's just so easy

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