Thursday, January 6

This shall probably be the last post before my departure

Maybe I should make it a habit to create post titles with the first line of the post. It would make creating them a lot easier.

And then I wouldn't have to go on and say yeah, so this is probably gonna be the last post before I leave France, because people would already know as they would have become accustomed to my ways.

Yeah, so this is probably gonna be the last post before I leave France.

It's been a wonderful trip. I'll have a full blown d&m about it when I get home, but for the moment, I'll just say that in many ways, it has been immense, beyond the learning French and aiding VCE part of things. Cause it has been a lot more than that.

Went shopping today, and spent more money than I have for a while. There have been three chunks to my spending in this country so far:
a) Paris, although that was largely for food more than anything else. And second hand books.
b) Buying a ridiculous amount of books from book stores in Bordeaux and Bergerac. Said books are the reason behind my weight limit on the flight back being a bit of a problem.
c) Today, when I bought (I'm having fun with dot points):
  • A hat
  • lots of jewellry for various persons
  • funny looking glove things which resemble Alice's
  • postcards
  • Julia's 18th birthday present, for November. To use a French term, c'était enorme. That's the first word that popped to my mind. It's brilliant. I should now probably stop hyping it up, so that people don't get too excited and then disappointed.
I was sitting as my desk, writing my diary the other night (which I should again probably get around to doing after this), and I was rambling, as I do.

Oh, and in using the word ramble, I remember what I usually do about posts which I can't think of titles for. Oops.

Continuing. I was rambling, and then I was about to start ranting about how I wish someone would tell me that they missed my company. Then I stopped, thought about it for around five seconds, and then this overwhelming sense of contentment and peace came over me. It was just, "Sarah, hold on a second. You are absolutely and one hundred per cent sure that this person loves you anyway, and there is no doubt about it."

Then there was this thinking about what they'd blogged, which in a roundabout way said that they would miss me, and the blog posts which thanked me, and then that random phone call when they knew I was somewhere I didn't want to be, and that I was having a not so great time and mega stress. So instead of ranting, I wrote all that down instead. Except I believe I expressed myself better.

Just thought I'd share that with you. It was, and is, a great feeling. I hope I can extend it to everyone now.

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