Friday, June 3

Happy birthday to mud man

I didn't realise it was Rafa's birthday until my brother texted me this morning. For some reason, I was under the impression it was the 23rd...possibly because I discovered his birthday the year when he was turning 23.

So happy birthday to him.

He is the reason why I am still around at 11:45. Watching him, and "doing spesh." But mostly watching him, and listening to this commentator who sounds like Yaxley from Harry Potter 7:1.

Forty love up, break point, second set, 2 games all.

His form at the moment is really temperamental. Like my mood and the weather.

Things which made-ish my day:

- Giving Cindy and Angela their certificate. They were very excited. Or rather, Angela was.
- Nadal winning that point. It was a very fine point. And his little boy excitement jump of victory.
- Spesh with Mabel.
- Listening to The Masterplan. I am in a very Masterplan mood.

So I shall leave you with this.

Because we need each other. We believe in one another.
Happy birthday. Please win so you can make my day. Or well, my tomorrow. Please.

Hey, he has fives on his shoes. HIT HARDER. I'm only watching this one because I probably won't watch the whole of the final which I'm hoping Rafa will feature in. Hoping I will watch some of it though. This guy makes me happy.

And this commentator annoys me.

Now I should hurry up and post this before it's no longer his birthday.

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