Sunday, June 19

Can we not stray?

I'm sick. Again. Sorta. Trying to fight it off with water, Xergic, honey and...asian stuff which is called Nin Jiong Pei Pa or something like that. Nommy. 

You said you wish you did not love me anymore. You left your flowers in the back seat of my car. The things we said may have left permanent scars. I've been lying in the dark no sunshine. She cries, "this is more than goodbye, when I look into your eyes you're not even there." You may not believe me but I gave you all I had.
This song off the new album. One of few good ones. How is quite good too. Maroon 5. Nom nom nom.

My nose hurts.

Fairy Tail. Makes me happy. Yay for Gray.

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