Monday, June 13

I was doing maths, then rage quite, and spent two hours trying to get Pokémon onto my DS

But now it works, after much blood, sweat and tears. And my phone no longer has an SD card. Oh, the sacrifices which must be made.

I once again named my character PSYDUCK in keeping with tradition, although time I'm a girl. Usually the guy sprite looks better, but this time they both look weird...I'll be a guy in Black. Professor Juniper also forced me to nickname my Tepig, so I called it BECTEEPIG. I did get the urge to name myself VOLTORB though...I will probably do that to my other character, and then name the Oshawott PSYDUCK, which will cause considerable confusion.

And I like having names in all caps.

The graphics are also crazy and 3D and make my eyes hurt. I miss the simplistic little sprites. I want to play the originals. Reading the manga at the moment as well. Pikachu is soooo cute in the manga. Sah cute.

And I hate that excruciating part at the start of the game where you haven't got running shoes/a bike. And I need Bec's DS so that I can infect my Pokémon with Pokérus. And I caught Mewtwo in SoulSilver. Baha.

And I just discovered how to make the pi symbol on a Mac. Like this: π.

Yay for π.

Seeing my ex-piano teacher tomorrow. Haven't seen her for some time. A little happy and excited.

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