Thursday, June 23

Rain, rain, rain go away

I get what all those people who comment on this video saying that they miss the "old" Kanye mean. I love his first two albums. All the gospel singing, and the stupid skits. Graduation and MBDTF are brilliant, it's just that it's a different type of style, and different subject matter. I preferred the rapping about the racism and poverty over the rapping about how awesome he is. Don't get me wrong - I love hearing them rap about how awesome they are - but there's just so much more...bittersweetness in the first two. It gets me in the heart. It's a different kind of appeal to the I'm awesome, and one which I like more I guess. 

And 808s...I don't really count as an album. For me, it went College Dropout, Late Registration (the best. Even the covers the best), Graduation, then MBDTF. That album art comment may actually be a little biased. I do judge books by their covers, but I maintain that good books will have good covers. However, the quality of the book might influence how I feel about the cover...

That's irrelevant and had no point. 
Rain. rain, rain go away. Let the sun come out. Keep your face to the rising sun. And I don't care about all the diamond rings. They don't mean a thing. All that glitters is not gold. 

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