Sunday, May 29

Happy birthday to General Dread

Happy 44th to my favourite songwriter.

Let’s have some musical cheese.

Oasis was my first musical love. They were the first band I ever followed with such intense passion and obsession. And Noel was the best part of it. His songs are amazing (to use a word which he hates).

God, how do I say what I want to say? I’m not very eloquent when it comes to emotions of admiration. Oasis inspired me, especially with those early albums, where you could just feel that unabashed optimism radiating from them. The feeling of “I’m in my 20s and I don’t care what you think, I’m gonna make it” attitude. They taught me optimism.

Just resaw the Adidas sticker he has on his guitar…

Continuing. He’s my first love. Despite him now being 44, I reckon he’s one of the coolest looking guys ever. Twenty years ago, his bowl cut was adorable. Now he’s just cool.

He’s the reason why I wanted to get a leather jacket.

In a way, Oasis brought me to music. Even if I don’t listen to them as much as I used to (it used to be Oasis and only Oasis), there’s always a part of me that gets ridiculously bubbly and excited when I play their music. And there’s always a part of me that thinks no other artist could ever top their first two albums. For me, Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory are where it’s at. They were just so together, production, arrangement, vocals, songs. They were complete as albums.

I was gutted when they broke up. It was a dream of mine to stand in a crowd of ten thousand and be singing Don’t Look Back In Anger up to him while he smiled down and sang along. It was actually a dream, which can no longer be realised. So I’ll just wait for Noel to record some solo stuff, which will hopefully be decent.

Outside the band, he’s hilarious and ridiculous opinionated. And oh so cool with his rock star attitude.

So here’s to a loud-mouthed, arrogant, wisest idiot of a genius songwriter who wrote Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory.

Another kid who’ll never know my name, but who I admire so much.

Peace, love and bananas, Chief.

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