Sunday, April 24

Ramble 18

Yesterday I went to DFO. Bought jeans. Was going to buy awesome Tommy Hilfiger sweater, but the sale price here was about the equivalent to buying it in America and getting it shipped here. So I'll just wait for the online shop to have a sale. Or something.

But I want that sweater. Now.

I have also recently noticed that when you look at the Android logo upside down, it looks like clotcud...

Whatever that means.

That last post was also my 200th. I'm sorry I didn't mark it. However, it did turn out to be a deep one, and had a nice Beatles reference, without me even intending to. So all is well.


  1. Wooahh, I went to a DFO on Saturday too! Which DFO did you go to? Epic coincidence, because I think it's the first time I've been out to a DFO in years, LOL.

  2. Moorabin. Yeah, I think someone else was at a DFO on Saturday too O_O