Sunday, April 3

Ramble 17

I spent all of yesterday reading Fairy Tail, so I'm uber(ish) early to do Mary's scrapbook, and various other things which need to be done. I also need to eat breakfast.

Can't embed the original, so here's a live version.

God damn I want his glasses. 

Chorals is coming up. Chorals stress is running high. General stress is running high. Fifty billion things to do. Fifty billion things I need to get on top of. And I spent yesterday reading Fairy Tail...I'm not very good at this year 12 lark. 

Recently gone back to my roots, and listening to Oasis. Current playlist comprised of:

Don't Go Away
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Just Getting Older
Talk Tonight
Listen Up
(You've Got) The Heart Of A Star
Sunday Morning Call
Carry Us All
Cast No Shadow

Here's hoping that Wonderwall is on the medley this year. 
You can only be what you are
So don't go away. Say what you'll say: say that you'll stay forever and a day, in the time of my life. Cause I need more time. Yes, I need more time, just to make things right...

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