Tuesday, April 19

Concerning Hobbits...actually, not really

I was gonna d&m on Tumblr. But it's being screwy. You never let me down blogger. Anyway, I've taken that as a sign that I shouldn't d&m.

I want to play Lord of the Rings. Now. Cause I'm listening to the soundtrack and it's beautiful and makes my heart ache.

The Hobbit's being filmed. Bret's in it. Let's hope he doesn't have a speaking role, cause I'll be giggling just to see him being serious on screen. I don't quite understand why they chose him to play an elf of all things...

Everything about LOTR just gets me right in the heart.

I'm sleepy. Immensely.

I need to evolve my Eevee.

I need to work.

It's building again.


  1. why no d&m please?
    me wantyyyy

  2. Bret from Flight of the Conchords?

    This may enlighten you: