Friday, April 22

House building

I'm fixing the hole where the rain gets in...
Or trying to.

"Yeah I's like you had a really nice house made up of lots of big bricks, big crumbly bricks, which needs maintaince (who knew?) Or else it starts to deteriorate. Before long you have this big crumbly mess that use to be a nice house. Sigh. And then you need to pick up all the crumbs and mould them back in to big bricks. Then you need to pick up these heavy heavy bricks to rebuild your house and there's no easy way of doing it. When you are completely exhausted and can't possibly pick any more bricks, you probably should take a break. It's slow. Sometimes it's frustrating because it seems you're not progressing but if you step back you can see that your walls have grown a little. If you keep building and adding bricks one by one, you'll slowly rebuild your house And then if you continue to improve your house it might become better than the house you had before."

At the moment, I'm at the completely exhausted and need a break part of things. I also need to get some bricks. And they're heavy. They might not be the right shape, but they don't look utterly wrong. And if they are, I'll only know after I've tried. 

Taking a break. 

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