Monday, April 11

I was sitting in the car

I was sitting in the car, on my way to maths tutor. As usual, I'm worrying about what happens next year, what happens if I don't get 99.95 and don't get into law, etc. etc. What happens if I don't like law even if I do get into it. What if I do like it but I suck at it. What if I'm a failbot and don't get into anything.

Mother as usual is calming and rather nice. And she says to me, "wherever you go, there will be a path that opens up. You can definitely do it. Trust me."

Now that I think about it, I'm not too sure what "it" is.

Point is, if my mother parents who came from not much in China, who came to Australia with nothing, can be happy and content with their occupation and life, then surely I can, no matter where I end up. I mean, I've had amazing opportunities to be born where I was, to go to the school where I am.

It's just a matter of time. There's always another way. There will always be a door which will open up, no matter which path I take. Just have to find it.

So I will trust Mum. Because my parents have been through hardship, and if they believe in me, then I guess I can too. At least in terms of "making it."

Wherever "it" is.

But I'll go down that path and open that door when I come to it.


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