Friday, December 31


It has been playing in my head for the past few days. Incessantly. Almost typed uncessantly there.
How do you find the words to say, to say goodbye? Can't find the words to say goodbye. When your heart don't have the heart to say, to say goodbye. Is this the end? Are you sure? How could you know when you've never been here before?
Her best album in my opinion. Again, one of the early ones.

I desperately want to change that New Year's post I cued. But I'm afraid I'll screw up the cuingness. It's weird thinking that it'll be 2pm in 2010 here when it's 12am 2011 back home.

Going to the first New Year's party ever. I usually spend it at home watching fireworks on TV. Which people seem to scorn. I like my family though.
By now you should've somehow realised what you're not to do
Went to the mountains for a couple of days, and had my first skiing experience. It was fun. No major injuries, other than tripping while we were walking away from the train station yesterday. Ripped my jeans. Now they look oh so cool. I haven't fallen over like that in a while, the skinning knee and palms business (only very slightly though). I usually find more interesting ways of injuring myself, such as tripping up escalators. Other than only slightly slicing my finger whilst cutting bread, nothing else to report.

The mountains brought to mind Lord of the Rings. Pretty.

I don't think the cuing will screw up. Cause I only just looked at the time stamps on my posts. No, I don't write at 3am in the morning. Take ten hours off.

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