Wednesday, December 15

Final Assembly III

The third final assembly of my time, even though I won't be there. Deepest apologies for that, seeing as I really badly wanted a family photo. Alas, it didn't happen on Speech Night, and we probably won't get together as a group for a while.

Again, thank you year 12s. Thanks for all the good times, fun times, stupid times and weird, freaking out times. It has been absolutely wunderbar, if that's how you spell it, which I doubt. Hey, I do French, which is why I'm in France and writing this post two weeks in advance.

So yeah, thank you. To my year 11 friends, it's us next year. I am filled with a mixture of excitement and dread.

To the year 10s...nothing much to say, except, GREEN JUMPER. GREEN JUMPER WITH THE SQUISHED HEAD THING. Excited?

To the year 9s, you get to shed that label next year. It's been awesome knowing you guys this year too.

I wonder how my report went.

I wonder if we beat MHS this year. I wonder if you're all going nuts and cheering because we did so. Or if you're cheering anyway, even if we didn't.

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