Wednesday, December 22


If you were waiting for pictures of my trip, I'm sorry, that's not why it's called pictures. I was stuck for a blog post title. As I always am.

I'm currently sitting here looking at the interesting Christmas drawings which someone did as a rough sketch in planning badges for Christmas. Here's our dilemma: 30 odd people in the house, not enough space in one room. Therefore we need to find a way to have people in different places at different times. Hence the badges.

For some reason, that Jet song started playing in my head the other day. You know, the one we were belting back in grade 5 or something?
Take my photo off the wall if it just won't sing for you. Cause all that's left has gone away and there's nothing there for you to prove. Oh, look what you've done. You've made a fool of everyone. Oh, it seemed like such fun until you lose what you had won. Give me back my point of view cause I just can't think for you.
Why does it feel as though it's talking to me?
You put your hands up. Baby you gave up, you gave up. Could we fix you if you broke?
French radio is full of English songs. Lot's of thinking bout her, thinking bout us, eyes eyes eyes, being in misery, and riding solo. There is also some weird song about Barbera Streisand (can't spell and can't be bothered looking up) by some band called Duck Juice or something. Sauce? I forget. It's...weird.

Then there's some remixed version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow which makes me sad.

Then there's watching Mulan in French which made me incredibly and weirdly sad as well. Shall post that later. About to go shopping.

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