Sunday, June 20

We were Ghana win

Alright, I'll stop it with the lame Ghana jokes now. You can't top my brother though. It was a Klose match. Korean defence was Messi. All these jokes which make you wanna go 'oh snap'.
So we started off pretty well, I thought. There was an energy to the game which had been sadly, very sadly, lacking in our match against Germany. We were defending well. A goal in the eleventh minute seemed to say it all, and we were going all out to get the second goal to secure our hold. But then Kewell got sent off for a hand-ball which didn't really look like a hand-ball, and the Ghanese guy got past Schwarzer. End of story. One all draw.

So now, Ghana either has to beat Germany, in which case we just have to beat Serbia (no big deal, considering we haven't won a match yet), or they have to tie with Germany, in which case we will have to pulverise Serbia to get by on goal difference. Hopes hanging on a thread. Let's hope that Jabulani thing works against the Deutsch.
The saddest thing is that we were playing well. The fact that we got by pretty damn well on a ten-man defence says it all. And we are left to bitterly contemplate with disappointment what might have been had Kewell not been sent off.

Again, I'm tired. Despite actually catching up on sleep - slept at 2, woke at 7:45, then again at 9:15 - I'm still bone tired. I can't wait for the holidays. Not to mention the fact that I have been packing my room, which throws up a lot of dust, and therefore makes me sneezle a hell of a lot, and now my head hurts and my nose is raw. I would sleep in about half an hour, but I have to actually go to the airport in about twenty minutes. I'll probably be  back around 11. Optimistically. Very optimistically. And I have to get up at 5:30 for sectional tomorrow. I may have already mentioned all this. Very likely. But I'm tired and I feel like complaining. Humour me, even though I quite brought it upon myself in staying up to watch the Socceroos. But humour me.

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