Saturday, June 19


It is about time I blogged about the World Cup properly, innit? However, Australia's 4-0 loss was just too depressing, and there was nothing particular to blog about anyway. With Germany's loss, we're now the only team in the group who doesn't have not only a win, but any points at all. C'est deprimant. So, we have to pulverise Ghana with our amazing Ghana-pulverising machine tonight to stay in it.


This is a pretty weird World Cup. Spain lost. Germany lost to...Serbia. New Zealand actually scored...I get the feeling they're going to be what we were last time; this completely random team which no one knows about. BUT NOW EVERYONE FEARS US...sigh. Go the boys.

And in case you were wondering, the title is the sound of a vuvuzela. Now I know why they're called vuvuzelas. Those are pretty much the letters you use when you try to spell it as an onamatopoeic word. Ha. I just spelled that wrong. Chrome tells me it should be...onomatopoeic. Oh the amusement; that's how I wanted to spell it in the first place. 

In other news, I sorta feel like I'm running out of steam/fuel/some sorta thing to keep me going. Watching all this football/soccer/Jabulaniball is wearing me out. All this maths is wearing me out. Music's being weird; probably only because I'm being weird to it. I'm sorry music. English sucks at the moment too. Again, that's only because I suck at it, and - with the risk of sounding like an uneducated fob of an idiot - I do not like Wuthering Heights. At all. Why can't be study Lord of the Rings? That would be so much better. Far more engaging. However, I am enjoying revs, but I haven't had a lesson for a few weeks now. 

Marie's coming tomorrow. Quite excitement, no? 

And Wimbledon's starting in two days. But, Federer is top seed despite Nadal's top ranking, due to his domination and awesomeness on grass court. More like Wimbledon organisers want to keep him happy. Guess what? He's go the easier side of the draw. But what's new? He's always got the easier side of the draw. Vamos Rafa. 

My head hurts and my eyes are not focussing. Mmm. Interesting. 

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